Online Content Marketing Company for a Pool Company

Last week, we got a call from one of the most reputable pool companies in the world today Pro Pool Repair Company, to help them create content for their websites and blogs. The main reason why they wanted to do this project is to generate traffic from search engines, compete effectively with the target audience, as well as achieve their sales objectives. Here is a breakdown of high we did this.



We accepted the offer and arranged a meeting the following day with the company officials to discuss the project details. The meeting lasted almost three hours, this was enough to cover all the details. They were very friendly and informed as they had attempted to market their products online.


In order to meet the customer needs, we had to spend time looking at some of the main aspects of the business before we start creating the content. Our team of experts who have years of experience in creating custom content spent a whole days assessing the website. This step helped them to gather all the essential information such as the keywords.

Getting Down to Work

During our evaluation, we noticed that the website was relatively slow and so we recommended that the company uses a dedicated server hosting company. The officials immediately called the hosting company that we recommended and took the  package. They were surprise on how such a simple step changed accessibility of the site. We then started creating custom content that related to the pool repair services that the company offers. This was not easy as we have to look for high quality keywords that would not only help the business to rank high but also communicate with the target audience in a simple but clear language. After one week, we managed to come up with the content and published it on the website. But before doing this, we contacted the company again and requested them to review the content before we publish it.

Final Step

After publishing the content, we used one of our advanced system to monitor the amount of traffic that the website was getting from search engines as well as the number of customers who called the company after reading our description of their service packages such as the pool heat pump repair and installation. We take pride in the fact that we managed to increase organic traffic to site by 80% and attracted over 1,000 customers in just three weeks.

This is a clear proof that we deliver on what we promised during the initial stages. Get in touch with us for more information about our content marketing services.

Challenges to Content Marketing

Content marketing has never been any more significant than it is today. It promotes your online presence and creates consumer awareness that promotes growth for your enterprise. However, content marketers encounter several challenges in the pursuit of growing sales.

Here are the challenges in content marketing.

Resource Constraints

Well, marketing your product is easy but producing quality content consistently is difficult. Successful content marketing demands that you provide outstanding content always. This requires lots of time and resources that may strain the other needs for your business. Insufficient budget leads to the release of inferior content and contributes to low traffic.


Stiff competition

Unfortunately, many people have been creating content through blogs longer than most content marketers have. There is an enormous demand for attention from the online audience. This demands that you enhance your content that requires lots of time and resources. Breaking through the competition is quite hard, and your site may take long to appear on the top pages of internet searches.

Lack of Quality Content

Most content marketers do not publish quality content. They instead ride on the positive brand of the company to publish content with inaccurate data that does not excite their readers. Generating quality content is difficult, and most content marketers end up feeding the internet community with poor content.

Overcoming these challenges is possible by focusing on the quality of content and planning for the resources required for successful content marketing. If you do not know how to use it well, just hire a professional to do it for you.

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes surely provide insight for future improvements. Content marketing is effective in marketing your business on the internet. However, your content marketing effort might result in failure and a waste of time and financial resources.

Here are the common content marketing mistakes you should avoid.

content marketing

Lack of a Clear Objective

Unfortunately, most marketers adapt content marketing with a common goal of promoting their brand. However, they lack a clear definition of the reason for pursuing content marketing and consequently the means of measuring success in content marketing. Lack of a clear strategy leads to confusion as your content lacks direction.

Ignoring the Buyer

Content marketing is supposed to be about educating the online customers rather than bombarding the readers with information about your products. Most companies do not focus on the buyer, and their content is all about the company and does not show the customers how they can benefit from such information. This renders your content irrelevant and does not yield traffic to your website.

Overlooking the Call to Action

Some content marketers lose the customers along the marketing cycle. They fail to show the client how to move to the next stage. This denies an interested buyer from knowing more about your enterprise. Content marketing ought to be a connected series of information that converts the customer to a client. The call to action ought to be in your content.

With knowledge of the mistakes to avoid, your content marketing will yield traffic to your site and promote your revenue.

Content Marketing Tips for small Business

Large companies have in the past used content marketing to grow their customer base. Small businesses have also adopted content marketing using various techniques such as e-books and comparison guides. Having outstanding content on the internet and search engine optimization is crucial to the success of your small business.

Here are the content marketing tips for small businesses.

content marketing

Plan for Creating Content

Most of the content marketers complain that creating content consumes much time. Having a documented plan for creating content ensures that you have ample time to develop content and conduct sufficient and outstanding material for online users.

Seek the successful Strategies

Engaging haphazardly in content marketing is ineffective in generating interest among customers. You ought to develop content that is efficient in attracting customers to your website and products. You should use Google analytics and social media performance indicators to identify the most outstanding content on the web. It also aids in keeping your content marketing practices up-to-date.

Apply Visual content

The human brain has a short concentration span, and online users are not likely to read the full text on your website. Visual content such as explainer videos and infographics aids in communicating your customers efficiently and within a short time. Visual content is also easy to produce and can enhance the success of your online marketing efforts.

Proper planning and selecting the most outstanding content as well as integrating visual content ensures that your small business generates high revenues through content marketing. Try it sometime to generate more sales for your business.




Tips for Using Keywords


Most of the people rely on the internet for information about near any service or product. You should ensure that your website is one the first or second page of the search results to generate huge interest in your products. Using keywords increases your ranking on search engines.

Here are the tips for using keywords.


Selecting Keywords

You ought to choose words that people are likely to type when searching for your services or words that are used for businesses that are similar to yours. You can create a keyword list by using the Google keywords tool, which shows you how popular a keyword is. Yu should select the five most famous words related to your business and use them on your homepage.

Placing the Keywords Strategically

Search engines use the words in the Meta description of the page and the title to predict the content of the web page. To have a high search ranking, you should use the keywords in the Meta description and the title of your web pages. The search engine uses the first two hundred words on a web page to generate results. Therefore, you should use the adequately use the keywords in the first paragraphs.

Avoid Overutilization of Keywords

Using keywords too many times on a page is an indicator of spam and search engines penalize such pages. Ensure that you do not flood your page with keywords.

Applying these tips guarantees that your page appears within the first two pages of search results.

Choosing a Hosting Company for your Business Website

The kind of hosting company that house your website will determine its functionalism. If the company offer shared hosting packages and you decide to use them, you will end up with a slow website that will frustrate you in terms of failing to generate traffic from search engines.

So, consider the following factors when choosing a hosting company.

Bandwidth and Space

These are the two main resources that you need to consider when looking for web hosting. Ensure that the company can provide enough database and web server disk space to accommodate all your website files. In addition, you need enough bandwidth to support all the traffic that you will get from various search engines. The more functional and fast your website loads, the greater your chances of making it online.

Server Reliability

This is one of the most critical factors that you need to consider. Since your website is running online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, the server should be able to host it around the clock. Your customers should not come looking for your services only to find out that they cannot access your site because it is down. Some of the best hosts offer a web server uptime of up to 99.9%.

web hosting

Hosting Price

Cheap is expensive, that is one of the rules that I live by. Go for an affordable hosting company that is not cheap or mediocre.

Finally, consider the reputation of the company as it is a direct reflection of the quality of service offered.

Reasons to Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways of generating unlimited sales through the internet. Companies that have mastered the art of using this marketing strategy to their benefit make huge profits without spending a fortune.

Here are reasons why you should embrace this form of marketing.

content marketing

Empowers/Educates Clients

High quality content will make it easy for you to educate your customers about your services and products. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase your products if they understand how it works or how it will improve their lives. It is important to also point out that the content needs to be search engine optimized to rank high on search engines and get the attention of internet users.

Generates Leads like Charm

Studies shows that B2B companies that have embraced blogging as one of their marketing strategies get 67% more leads than those which do not blog at all. However, the content has to resonate with the expectations of the readers to get leads back to your website. By establishing your brand or website as a reliable source of information on a particular topic, you will build credibility and set yourself apart as an authentic service provider to customers.

Drive Traffic to Websites

You cannot just invest in a high quality website and hope that it will get traffic from search engines automatically. You need to post content that is search engine optimized for your brand to be “discoverable” on the internet. Otherwise, you will wait for years to get your first customer.

Clearly, content marketing is the way to go for any business that wants to generate sales.