Online Content Marketing Company for a Pool Company

Last week, we got a call from one of the most reputable pool companies in the world today Pro Pool Repair Company, to help them create content for their websites and blogs. The main reason why they wanted to do this project is to generate traffic from search engines, compete effectively with the target audience, as well as achieve their sales objectives. Here is a breakdown of high we did this.



We accepted the offer and arranged a meeting the following day with the company officials to discuss the project details. The meeting lasted almost three hours, this was enough to cover all the details. They were very friendly and informed as they had attempted to market their products online.


In order to meet the customer needs, we had to spend time looking at some of the main aspects of the business before we start creating the content. Our team of experts who have years of experience in creating custom content spent a whole days assessing the website. This step helped them to gather all the essential information such as the keywords.

Getting Down to Work

During our evaluation, we noticed that the website was relatively slow and so we recommended that the company uses a dedicated server hosting company. The officials immediately called the hosting company that we recommended and took theĀ  package. They were surprise on how such a simple step changed accessibility of the site. We then started creating custom content that related to the pool repair services that the company offers. This was not easy as we have to look for high quality keywords that would not only help the business to rank high but also communicate with the target audience in a simple but clear language. After one week, we managed to come up with the content and published it on the website. But before doing this, we contacted the company again and requested them to review the content before we publish it.

Final Step

After publishing the content, we used one of our advanced system to monitor the amount of traffic that the website was getting from search engines as well as the number of customers who called the company after reading our description of their service packages such as the pool heat pump repair and installation. We take pride in the fact that we managed to increase organic traffic to site by 80% and attracted over 1,000 customers in just three weeks.

This is a clear proof that we deliver on what we promised during the initial stages. Get in touch with us for more information about our content marketing services.

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