Tips for Using Keywords


Most of the people rely on the internet for information about near any service or product. You should ensure that your website is one the first or second page of the search results to generate huge interest in your products. Using keywords increases your ranking on search engines.

Here are the tips for using keywords.


Selecting Keywords

You ought to choose words that people are likely to type when searching for your services or words that are used for businesses that are similar to yours. You can create a keyword list by using the Google keywords tool, which shows you how popular a keyword is. Yu should select the five most famous words related to your business and use them on your homepage.

Placing the Keywords Strategically

Search engines use the words in the Meta description of the page and the title to predict the content of the web page. To have a high search ranking, you should use the keywords in the Meta description and the title of your web pages. The search engine uses the first two hundred words on a web page to generate results. Therefore, you should use the adequately use the keywords in the first paragraphs.

Avoid Overutilization of Keywords

Using keywords too many times on a page is an indicator of spam and search engines penalize such pages. Ensure that you do not flood your page with keywords.

Applying these tips guarantees that your page appears within the first two pages of search results.

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